Mahadevapura: Which candidate can fulfil the key demand – water?

Key Issues

Water is the key issue. Cauvery water reaches a very small proportion of houses, especially since this constituency includes 45 of the 110 villages excluded from Cauvery Stage IV, phase 2.

Untreated sewerage is directly let into the storm water drains which eventually flows in the lakes.
– Vijayvithal Jagahirdar

Much of Mahadevapura is dependent on borewells. Most apartments and gated communities depend on water supplied by tankers. The last two years has seen water table falling so steeply that even independent houses are forced to buy water. Borewells dug by tanker suppliers have started drying up too, so water is supplied now from villages further outside the city down Sarjapur Road, Hoskote Road, Varthur Road etc. As one drives down Sarjapur Road, one can see the signboards for "land for rent". This is an euphemism for renting the plot to dig borewells and extract water.

In many apartments, erratic supply of water has increased frustration levels among residents. The last few years have not really seen any elected representative take concrete action in improving the problem. One key reason is said to be the fact that the tanker water suppliers give valuable support to politicians.

Around 45 villages were merged into Greater Bangalore when the area merged with the BBMP. Many say the former villages were relatively better-governed and better-funded.

Basic infrastructure and amenities should be in place before we get any more malls, high rises, gated communities and commercial complexes.
– Deepa Peck

The area had around 35 odd lakes, but most of these are not in a good shape. Bellandur and Varthur, two of the largest lakes in Bangalore, are extremely polluted. Ten lakes are completely dry, and 15 are heavily polluted, requiring urgent attention to sewage diversion, desiltation and clearing of kaluves. (Source)

Sewerage system is poor. Though most apartments and gated layouts have STPs, other houses and commercial establishments, let out raw sewage into stormwater drains that pollutes lakes and contaminates the meagre groundwater supplies.

The MLA could have pitched for the BMRGA bill but did not.
– Ramesh Sivaram

Khata issues: Many residences are yet to get BBMP khatas, they were built on revenue land. In case of some older properties, documents were lost when properties were being transferred from village panchayats to CMC and then to BBMP as the jurisdiction changed. Many residents were asked by the BBMP officers to pay huge sums for khatas.

Most corporators and MLA Limbavali have promised to help people when requested in public meetings, but only a few have managed to get Khatas the legal way, without paying bribes.

Most residents are new to the neighbourhood – houses built in the last 5-7 years. Many apartments especially face issues with their builders, who have not fulfilled their promises or followed due promises. There are apartments without Occupancy Certificates and residents want MLAs and corporators to help them resolve this.

In his meeting with Chaithanya Samarpan residents at Kadugodi, A C Srinivasa (INC) displayed finer knowledge of the process. Residents explained to him that both BDA and the local Sheegehalli panchayat had demanded property taxes from the homes in the layout and that the owners association was negotiating with the panchayat. Srinivasa said that each home must first get a Khata from the BDA as a one-time measure and then present that to the panchayat. The panchayat would make an entry in their registers with this and then issue it’s own Khata to the owner, completing the transfer from BDA to the local body. 

They leave the dug out area (in roads) uncovered and unlevelled with earth mound occupying good part of the road.
– JP Singh

Roads: Though most roads within the BBMP limits are relatively decent, a better network of roads as envisaged by the CDP are yet to be built.

Transportation: Main roads are reasonably well-connected by BMTC services but not interior roads. With many well-to-do residents, private transportation clogs the roads. Metro Phase 2 is meant to reach Whitefield, but that is still way in the future.

Public spaces like parks, playgrounds and community halls are a rarity, though the middle class is less affected

Garbage may be a city-wide issue, but here contractors use the many empty plots a convenient dump. Apartments and communities may practice segregation, but find it tough to deal with private or BBMP garbage contractors, who have always picked up only on payment for the past few years, inspite of residents paying BBMP’s garbage cess.

Deepa Peck echoes most resident‘s thoughts, as she observes,"Things have steadily declined over the past few years as the fragile infrastructure cannot take the load of the burgeoning population.". Will the new MLA take hard decisions required to manage growth in a sustainable way?

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  1. Both Congress & BJP are mired in cases. Voting others will not yield any clear cur results in the counting as this will lead only to splitting of votes. Better I too would go for 49-O to clearly express that we need better candidates.
    Not voting is not an option as this will end up in somebody voting for you & this is our responsibility.

  2. I also feel that none of he candidate is worth of getting my vote, why to waste our vote ? If Arvind Limbavalli wants to serve for the benefit and welfare of people, he could have solved atleast one problem to provide CAUVERY WATER which is a NECESSITY of people, 5 yrs. aren’t less time to work for an issue ? Now-a-days everyone wants to get elected because its a GOOD INDUSTRY which gives earnings of more than 4 times as its visible in Limbavalli’s case, they are exempted of paying taxes, so DYNASTIC CANDIDACY is increasing, Instead of wasting our vote we should better go for 49’0′, because none of the candidate is worth serving the people. Why to select CRIMINALS, ACCUSSED,non eligible candidate whose even educational quaification is not known to us.

  3. Who can give better living staandard at the best IT hub in the country. No water, No better sanitation, No wastage disposal management.

  4. KJP – has become a joke.. Tomorrow they might open a new party if there are any difference in the no point in voting such people

  5. Here i feel people should go for 49’0′

    because BJP candidate is accused in corruption charges(1 case accused
    13(1)(C),13(2) of the Prevention of Corruption Act,P.C.R.No.59/2012,XXIII Addl. City & Civil & Sessions Judge,Bangalore,Dated 15.11.2012,The said Proceedings have been stayed by the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka,Banglore vide order dated 10.01.2013 in W.P.No.51795/2012)

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