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  1. Sir – the linking of the LPG connection to the RR helped unearth a Rs 1200 cr pa scam in Karnataka alone. Check here for more on that -http://praja.in/en/blog/idontspam/2011/10/18/lpg-akrama

  2. She came out to join her mentor after enjoying power for full term as Minister and start abusing now the Party which gave her name and position. People of Karnataka will never pardon this. If what she claims as her achievements in Yashwanthpur was true she need not have changed her constituency now. Mr Sureshkumar has been doing good work in his constituency for decades and people know about him.

    During her tenure she made honest citizens to run around with Electricity RR numbers for LPG connection, which has no relevance. Public distribution of food grains has not improved even now. Regarding water supply and waste management, having been a Cabinet Minister in power she could have attended to instead of complaining now.

  3. Shobha Karandlaje acquitted herself well as a minister. Essentially, she empowered able officers under her charge to do their job properly, without interference. If Bangalore’s power supply situation is as good as it prsently is, in spite of the most challenging overall scenario, the citizens need to thank her. Likewise, her unearthing the LPG scam has eased the supply scene for the common citizen too – check ( http://praja.in/en/blog/idontspam/2011/10/18/lpg-akrama#comment-29391) for more. Her undoing however is her allegience to BSY.

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