1. It’s very easy to criticise and make sweeping generalisations, isn’t it? While there’s no doubting that BMTC has many problems, including fleet allocation, to state that every Volvo driver is a power-drunk monster based one this one experience is, to use your term, “Juvenile”. In many instances, I’ve been nowhere near a bus stop and tried to flag down a Volvo – and the driver did stop. In one case, a bus I was on even overtook another bus and stopped in front of it, so that I could catch the connection. There have been cases where drivers have ignored me at bus stops too, but suffice to say that you will find rude employees in any organisation, and a public transport organisation tends to see more than its fair share.

  2. I regularly use 500 C from Banashankari bus stand , many times he wont come inside bus stand it self , there is no time gap between buses many times 3-4 bus start at same time which doesn’t make any sense, he will be blowing full AC many times when bus is not having many passengers switch it to fan mode save diesel. BMTC you have more to do.

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