Pay Property Tax for the year 2013-14

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It is that time of year when we have to pay the property tax for the current year. There are two different types – White (Form IV) in bilingual, and Blue (Form V)


For the properties, where there is no change in any field – either in category (residential / non-residential), dimensions (any addition / deletion to the structure) or usage (tenanted / self-occupied) one has to use the white form (Form.IV). Unlike previous years, the Form IV has already reached all the help centres this time.

Pic: Shreyas B K

The block period for this term came to an end officially last year. But for our luck, an unofficial extension has been granted for one more year, though there was a proposal to adopt a new zonal classification of areas without change in the tariff.

This year you find a new column on the top left hand side of the application for entering the PID number, the official identity of your property. You have to write both old and new PID numbers. The old PID number is available, entered by you on your previous year’s application. The new PID number is available in the receipt issued against your payment printed in bold letters under the column ‘New PID No.’


  • 5 % rebate is not applicable on SWM Cess.
  • Payment below Rs.1000/- (Including SWM cess) can be paid by cash. There is a relief in the issue of RECEIPTS FOR CHEQUE PAYMENT, if the amount does not exceed Rs.10000/-. It will be issued immediately and for amounts exceeding Rs.10001/-, it will be issued only after realisation of the cheque (takes up to one month), but acknowledgement will be given immediately. You can also obtain the receipt by submitting the copy of the bank statement or pass book with the debit entry of the cheque through which payment has been made.

Keep handy the photo copies of form I / II / III (Submitted for the year 2008-09), form IV (Submitted for the year 2012-13) OR the forms submitted for revision, if any and the relevant receipts.

Part I

Enter the personal details in Part I as you did last year. Column 4 has been clubbed with column 3 this time. There is a new information – the number of electricity and water connections sought – under column 4. Information on having a bore well at your property has also been sought this year. Fill in the RR Nos. of both the installations, i.e, both electricity meter and water meter numbers.. If you have multiple installations, fill in just one. Regarding the bore well, you just have to tick the relevant box.

In case of apartments / flats where there is only one water installation, all the returns will have to mention the same installation number.

Enter the ward number and name of the ward as filled in the form for 2012-13.

Part II

On Part II, fill the details of the tax paid according to the year 2012-13 with receipt number and date of payment, in column 08 (a-e). If revised submission has been done, fill according to it.

If you are paying tax during the 5% rebate period, i.e, up to 30-04-13, fill column 09 and draw a line across column 10. However, request for extension of this is underway, which might be considered favourably. If you are paying after the rebate period or in instalments, fill details in column 10 and draw a line across column 09.

Now coming to the section ‘Solid Waste Management Cess’, write your application number on boxes provided on right hand top, and Part 1 consisting of property details as furnished in Form IV, part I (Page 1), with the new PID no.

Refer to your form of 2008-09 (Column 6) or revised one, if any, to the column of ‘BUILT-UP AREA’ and various uses, and fill in accordingly, on ‘ PLINTH AREA’ column.

Refer to the tariff on page no.2 (reverse of the form – unchanged) and fill in the ‘RATE PER MONTH’ column.

Accordingly, calculate the area multiplied by rate multiplied by 12 / 06 for FULL / HALF year and enter in the ‘SWM CESS PAYABLE” column. (Note: The total column refers only to the area and cess amount)

Coming to PAYMENT PARTICULARS on page 2 of form IV, fill in the cheque details, if paid by cheque, If paid by credit or debit card, fill the details of card and the amount of Property tax + SWM cess separately and the total of the two in the respective columns and affix your signature.

Fill in the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, on page 4 with the single amount (not as filled on page 2). Staple the SWM cess form to the first sheet of form IV and present it at your respective collection center.

To use the online payment system, please log on to http// and follow instructions appearing there.


  1. Dear Mr.Thirumalai,

    In the beginning of the online payment services started, it was clearly and specifically stated as to what platform works, what should be the configuration needed etc.Hope you had not gone through it on previous occasion as well as now before you succeeded to pay.

    A little negligence / laziness costs you to that extent. Anyway you have proved its always better to be late than never. Otherwise, you would have ended in paying in geometrical amounts at a later date.

    Definitely you will be prompt hereafter, as you have learnt the lesson at a costly price and posting it over here is the BEST thing you have done for many to be prompt.

    ThanQ once again for sharing your bitter experience for the benefit of others.

  2. I hadn’t paid my Property Tax for last 2 years. I remember I faced some problem with online payment earlier and I gave up. I then forgot to go to local office to pay the tax. Today I decided to pay and tried it online. I faced the same problem everyone else is complaining about – “record saved successfully”. I used Firefox browser and it never led to the next page of selecting payment gateway. I got really irritated and searched the web. Someone suggested using Internet Explorer and so I tried it. Very first page itself didn’t load properly in IE. So I tried Chrome and it all worked beautifully. I successfully paid all my property tax online, but I was slapped with almost Rs.3000 as interest for late payment. What a stupid bug they have in their system with Firefox and IE. It costed me Rs.3000!!!

  3. Dear Mr.Aman,

    What you have calculated and derived at is the amount payable on the following year only. For now you have to calculate 2% till the period you pay. Assuming you are paying today, add interest for the years 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15 & 2015-16 (Part of the year – 5 months) So for another 41 months interest you have add. Similarly for the subsequent years, 29, 17 & 5 months respectively.

    Hope this clarifies your doubt.

    ThanX 4 Ur approach.

  4. Dear Mr.Aman,

    It goes the same way. The interest is calculated till the date of payment and penalty for every year. So the total tax for the year 2011-12 will be Rs.1940/- as on date if you pay, for the example you have given. Similarly for the 2012-13, 2013-14 & 2014-15 as well as 2015-16 has to be calculated and paid.

    Thanks for your approach.

  5. I have a similar doubt. I have not paid any property tax since the acquisition (which was in 2011). Now the penalty is 2% per month. But 2% of what? The pending amount?
    Say the tax is 1000 for 2011-2012, Including penalty it comes to around 1340.
    Now for 2012-2013 how does the calculation proceed?

  6. Dear Mr.Mani Vannan,

    Please be clear about your situation. Till when is the tax paid and for what it is paid ? Tax has to be paid continuously and if not paid in time, definitely attracts penalty and interest.

    Penalty is Rs.100/- and interest is @ 2% per month of the amount.

    If tax is paid from 2008-09, you can get the details on on-line and pay tax even on on-line. Without having any details, it is not possible to give any proper guidance.

    ThanX 4 Ur approach.

  7. Hello Sir,
    I got a apartment in bommanhalli (Super build up area1193sq.fee)t and registered in 12th sep-2012 after registration i went to abroad. i came back 1 months back. Could you please guide how to pay the property tax.I checked the some website. first we need to pay tax to visit near BBMP office from second time onwards we will pay online?

    Could you guide me from which financial year i need to pay the tax? is there any penalty for the property tax? if penalty is there how penalty will be calculated? Is it possible to avoid penalty? when you pay the tax what are the things, needs to be captured in the mind.

    Your input highly appreciated!!

    Thank you,

    Manivannan P

  8. i have paid tax for 2013-14 & 2014-15 and do have the receipts … (the PID spaces are blank) …
    Nope … no easy income … please don’t assume stuffs …
    Yes, i’m 22, young and inexpereinced and i’m learning …
    Have taken up the job of paying property tax from my parents and i refuse to pay bribe …
    I don’t understand how more i need to articulate for u to understand the issue ….
    i have read in the comments section regarding ur e-mail ID, but i thought to post it here itself as a common query, as it might be a common problem, and hence would be helpful for others who face same problems…
    anyways thank u …

  9. Mr.Prasan Navin,

    Even now it is vague only. You have neither mentioned anything about the receipts of payment for the years 2013-14 & 2014-15. You neither give details of your property. New PID nos were issued after BBMP became 198 wards and there ought to be different in ward nos. If you had really filled your returns, you would have known all the differences, wherein you had to write both the Old as well as New PID nos.

    It shows you take it lethargically and pay bribes, probably having easy income. We are taking the strain to educate the COMMON MAN to fill the returns and submit it without paying any bribe.

    The PID nos. are available on the receipts, which you are not aware of. Probably you might be an youngster and inexperienced. When you are referring particular cases, all the details have to be mentioned. Only then solution can be given. But in both your queries, no details are furnished.

    I had guided Ms.Divya also to entrust to a GENUINE and QUALIFIED person to get things straight.You may also follow the same.

    Many people, who do not want to post their documents on forum sites like this, send them direct to my mail ID, as per guidelines given, which you have not read in the previous comments. Keep COOL, concentrated while reading and read fully till you understand. Still if you have doubts, you are FREE to approach us.

    Take back your word ‘RUDE’, as it is you who have started to query without clear understanding. We are all on VOLUNTARY service of common man for queries of general as well as particular. Please bear this in mind, before commenting irresponsibly.

    Wish you all the BEST.

  10. That was a little rude, sir … but may be i didn’t articulate my query well …
    I have lost all records of 2012-13 tax records once in transit from BBMP office, back home …
    I have the tax recepits for the following 2 years … i had submitted tax in BBMP office itself (i infact paid bribe then in 2013 and 2014) …
    I got my PID number from the BBMP website …
    They ask for bribe to fill in their pockets, as simple as that … i’m not blabbering here but telling the reality, irrespective of what u have experienced (i’m glad u have had good experience with bbmp, but that’s not what i have experienced and it would be nice if u could respect that and acknowledge it …. in fact the BBMP person told me “work doesn’t happen here without paying up” ) .. that is why i wanted to do online payment of property tax and bypass BBMP office …
    I’m sorry if my questions very vague, sir … u didn’t have to take so much time to reply to my query and just ignored it if u thought it wasn’t a genuine query … but that u have taken so much time to reply, i appreciate it and I thank you for that …

    Mayb let me re-iterate my query :
    when i tried to pay online tax for 2015-16, bbmp website says i have not paid tax for 2014-15 (hence i could not proceed further) …. But the fact is, i have paid the tax for 2014-15 in bbmp office (i have paid tax for all years before this) … So I had asked what is the solution to this … Miss.Divya’s first half of her comment is the same problem i faced w.r.t online payment of property tax

    If not online payment, i have the option to pay tax in bangalore one centre where i don’t have to pay bribe …. usually bangalore one centre also opts for online payments and hence i was wondering if at all i go to bangalore one to pay up my 2015-16 tax would i encounter the same problem i’m facing for online payment ?

    Regarding lost tax receipt of 2012-13 … i have genuinely lost the entire record in transit … i had taken it to bbmp office while paying 2013-14 tax receipt and while coming back i lost it … so i asked u, is there any way to get a re-print of the lost tax receipt ? …

    The PID number which i got from bbmp website while checking previous year tax payment records had a different ward number to it in the first part of the PID number, than where i am residing … So my query was, how do i rectify it ?

    Please ignore my message if u think there is no merit to my query … DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME, SIR …

    I had no intentions of posting vague questions … it was a matter of not articulating it well enough for u to understand it … i’m sorry for that and it’s my mistake …

    I acknowledge that websites like “citizenmatters” are FREE for public access, and i’m saying it to re-affirm it to u, as u felt i’m posting non-sense just because this is a free site …

    Thank you

  11. Mr.Prasan Navin,

    Don’t complicate the things. You say that, you have lost the receipt only for the year 2012-13. What happened to the copy of returns, acknowledgement given for submitting your returns ? What about other receipts for the following years ? From where did you get the PID number ? Why do they ask for a bribe ? When and where did you pay the taxes for the following years after 2012-13 ? Lakhs and lakhs of people are paying taxes at the BBMP help centers and I myself pay taxes for more than 50 properties across the city and pay not even a single paise as bribe.

    We are already into 2015-16 tax payment. The tax is collected for a year from April to March of the following year.

    Just because it is a FREE site, please do not post vague questions.

    Without any details / copies of the documents, how do you expect some one to guide you. Either forward your documents OR bring it personally for specific problems.

    Thanks for your approach.

  12. hello sir,
    My problem is a little similar to Miss. Divya …
    I have paid property tax every year and have application number for the same since 2008-09 ( i have only lost the tax receipt for 2012-13 and hence don’t know the application number for that year only ) …
    I tried to pay the tax online for this year (because of BBMP person seeking bribe), but after entering the new PID number the page says “Tax not paid for previous year 2014-2015” …
    My tax assessment is upto date until 2011-2012 on the BBMP website and hence I can move forward with online payment of tax for 2012-13 assessment year only …
    But i have already paid tax for 2012, 2013 and 2014 in bbmp office …

    Is there a solution for this problem ?

    If i go to pay tax in bangalore one would i face similar problem (as online details are not upto date) ?

    Is there any way i can get a re-print of my lost tax receipt for 2012-13 ?

    One last off topic query – My new PID number is indicating a wrong ward number from where i reside, if u can through some light on it, it would be nice ….

    Thank you … hope to find a solution

  13. Dear Divya Madam,

    As it is the service of BBMP was in shambles, now as the council is dissolved and is on a new Administrator, definitely things gets worsened. Your statements are confusing and not fully clear.

    When did you purchase ? Have you got the khatha transferred to your name ? What type of khatha was issued ? Without full details, how do you expect a clarification ?

    You say, the receipt of 2013-14 does not have the PID number, the owner’s name changed. Did you not check it while / after paying the tax ? You are complaining now, about it after TWO full years. Now online you say old owner’s name is reflecting. Probably you would have got all the work done through some middlemen, who are just after their share of charges. They manipulate things and get you some bogus documents.

    This type of complaints cannot be rectified online, but has to personally visit the concerned office and get it rectified. Do you have all the copies of returns submitted since 2008 ? While going over to the office, please carry all the documents pertaining to the property. OR entrust it to a sincere knowledged person, who will get it done appropriately and will also be responsible.

    Thanks for your approach.

  14. Hi Mr Prakash,

    I need a clarification. I have paid the property tax for FY 2013-2014 by directly visiting the office. For 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, i wished to pay online as am outside of bangalore.

    but when i try to pay for 2014-2015 it says ‘Tax not paid for 2013-2014’. How to get this details added to online ? I logged a complaint, tried calling them, but it didnt help.

    Also the new PID is present in 2012-2013 payment reciept, while the 2013-2014 has the owner name changed and with no PID number. Now when i see online, i get the old owner name.. Could this be of any problem? How can i rectify it? Please clarify

  15. Dear Mr.Girish Kanagotagi, You will have to use FORM V, (In blue color & available now). For all other details, please refer to the ‘STEP BY STEP GUIDANCE TO PAY PROPERTY TAX’ for the year 2008-09 available on this very same site. If still in doubt, feel free to revert back for any / all clarifications.

  16. Ms.Poornima Rao, Thanks for your sharing the experience. It might help somebody. But the BEST system is ‘GOOGLE CHROME’, where it is easy and fast.

  17. I see same problem of “form saved” when using mozilla. Use IE8 and i was successful though there are some dumb frame issues and u cannot use mouse to click the hidden button. Steps: select form 4–> click Year 2014-15 (this appears below a frame) –>Fill in PID and click find–>Select the owner name with mouse (here is the trick) to highlight the selected name –>Hit tab to go to next button which is behind the bbmp bottom banner–>after tab hit spacebar to select the button and viola u have the online payment page opened up
    hope this helps

  18. Sir, I had been paying tax on vacant site so far. This year, I have built a house on it and occupied it. Which form should I use? 2. What is the meaning of category, Sub category and group? Please advise. Thanks. .. Girlish Kanagotagi (

  19. Dear Ms.Anjana Sridhar Madam, It is clearly mentioned in the web site itself and also in my reply earlier, just above your query of Mr.Vipin Shetty to use ‘GOOGLE CHROME’, which is the BEST and next to it is ‘MOZILLA FIREFOX’. Explorer 9 might not suit properly or might not also work. Please refer to above clarifications and avoid repeatation, just because it is FREE.

  20. Hello sir, I am not able to make the payment when I use Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox 3.6


  21. Thanks for your quick response, I am using firefox i used chrome too with same results. I am trying to pay 2014-15 and have put the mobile number, This is an vacant site, I am getting the other error msgs like if I don’t tick on vacant it is promoting to please enter SWM cess if I don’t tick it is saying “please accept the declaration” I can see all the past years tax paid records too. But once I enter the details i get the msg “Record Saved Successfully” and it is not proceeding

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