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  1. Reg. the article referred, read here >
    Suggestions given by CA. Ramesh S. Prabhu, Chairman, Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association
    Further HERE>
    The Maharashtra Housing (Regulation and Development …
    11/04/2012; Government of Maharashtra … L A BILL No XV OF 2012.pdf … Budget 2013-2014: speech of P. Chidambaram, Minister of Finance · Maharashtra ..

  2. Wrt the concluding para., it would have been of great help and served a useful ‘public’ purpose had, AN Naik, who has been projected , rightly so, as a RTI activist (also known as a participant in the specially mooted project @praja.in), shared the documents with the concerned rest. Even now, it may not be too late for him to do so; as, in any case, as repeatedly pointed out through that website, there has been no known progress but the stalemate tragically continues. Unless the matter requiring concerted class action/pro activism, is devoutly , with all seriousness, taken on and pushed through, without dragging feet, that too on a collective basis, there could be no successful outcome expected but is bound to remain for ever, to eternity, a pipe dream.
    As one is expected to be aware, according to a well-meaning school of thought, prima facie sound, found to have been deliberated in certain knowledgeable circles, revamping of the extant law , by itself, can conceivably hold out any lasting solution, especially in the short life span. For a specimen, look up a well articulated article in public domain, specifically dealing with the latest official (governmental move) in MAHA (the 2011 Act) proposing to usher in drastic changes in the subject field of activity.

  3. The contents of the first para. under, -Background calls for a closer scrutiny for an appreciation or otherwise, in proper light, of the observations therein. Particularly, the obervations that, -“….there is no uniform definition to be found that clearly distinguishes between a flat and an apartment.” and “… The KAOA is clearly for apartments, there is a common misconception that the two are different. In reality,” , if read in isiolation, those are rather misconstrued and misleading. Of course, as said, “KOFA as it exists now, applies to sales of apartments as well”. Provided, in case what is sought to be conveyed is that KAOA and KOFA are so inter-linked and -connected, that either cannot be interpreted and implemented in several respects fully, without the aid of the other. This is the aspect on which one’s considered viewpoints as covered in write-ups published in public domain may be looked up; topic to refer is- @Law vs Case law.

  4. Unfortunately, history of this continued greed & chaos finds its root in active support from local bureaucracy. I am convinced that continued literacy about in force apartment act provisions, RTI Activism & by heavens grace a central government implemented unified real estate regulator will bring the change that as consumers we need.

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