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  1. Need help in differentiating the commercial and domestic bore-wells. Am a resident of JP nagar I phase. The problem is some people have been using the bore well at home to fill the tankers used for supplying water commercially. This dries up the ground water in the adjacent bore-wells also. How to go about this? Are there any norms differentiating the commercial from the domestic borewell?

  2. Can anyone please tell from when they started charging for borewell because I got my BWSSB bill after 15months of my house construction and they charged this from day one(2012).

  3. sir,we have a cauvery water connection since 2006,in the beginning we were getting the very little water ,after some time that also is not coming we are run to bwssb board,Koramangala,Bangalore several times & request for water supply
    they are telling so many reasons which we are able to understand the,hence we are request you to help us in this matter & solve water problem in our street, Address is # 14,15,16,4th cross 100 feet Ring Road, Srinivagilu,Viveka nagar Post,Bangalore-560047.

  4. Is it right to allow the commercially selling of water from resedential areas?
    If the under water supply is good, they sell to tankers round the clock.
    Advantage? The dry neighbouring areas of houses & flats get fasster supply of water.
    Disadvantage? The entire area is sucked till they become complete dry like a desert and every house in the viccinity is forced to depend on commercial water supply cartel.
    What is the solution? Is there no control over commercial water sellers from resedential areas?

  5. There is nothing wrong in making registration mandatory for new borewell connections. But for existing users(I mean domestic), BWSSB charges Rs 50/- per month. They started charging Rs 50/-PM only after verifying that the property has a borewll. This makes them automatically registered. Why then, existing users are asked to register again. This means, BWSSB, do not have proper arrangement to monitor the data. It is imperative for them to rethink on this issue.

  6. What about the people living without BWSSB supplied water?
    those who depend completely on ground water?
    First thing BWSSB should do is to check the quality of ground water in and around the city and inform people whether to use it or not. Many citizens staying in outskirts don’t have sanitary facility and they depend on Pits and most of the borewells not far away from these pits. think about them.

  7. I am staying in 5th Main HBR I stage. We are not getting corporation water since last 3 years. We have made several complaints and met the officers many time but all went on vain. We mainly depends on our borewell water. Is there is any kind of use in registering the borewell or is it a tricky game by the authority

  8. Taking it seriously I made the payment of Rs 50 at Canara Bank Bagalagunte branch, and with the paid up receipt went to BBMP office to register. Unfortunately no body knows anything about it there and they directed me to BWSSB office. There also the concerned person does not know how to go about and asked me to go to Malleswaram. By the time a day was lost and I have to find one more day to go to Malleswaram.
    I have a Borewell rarely used, but want to keep connection in case of emergency.

  9. We live in North Bangalore where almost a 100 borewells are dug on an averege per day. I was living in USA for about 10 years and returned to bangalore and I now realise what a big mistake I have done. I am trying to go back at the earliest. Actually Bangalore is all good but there is nothing called governance or law and order. I actually tried building a house here since my friend told it was a nice place. but I have been through hell. We have to bribe all the Govt officials here. The bulders are your boss and you are at their mercy. The association here is run by some self interest people who do not pay association fees but demand it from others. They have got borewells and they do not have rain water harvesting. They ask others to do rainwater harvesting but do not do it for themselves and they have bores and no Govt agency bothers to question them. There is no able person who can control this. All govt bodies are just fake none of them are effective. I guess it will just collapse because of its own sheer weight.

  10. Near my residence,one person has dug a commercial bore well and supply 30 40 tankers of water daily,it starts early morning at 5.30 am and goes on till late night 11.30 pm,due to this continuous movement of tankers,we have been very badly facing lot of hardships like,continuous vehicle sound,dust on the road,cemented road has developed cracks,childern cannot move on the roads,most of us are having throat problems,our house if full of dust,Any help for us ?

  11. This is another hi handed approach from BWSSB. No body ever gives a thought to ensure water supply before sanctioning the high density residential complexes in given location.People have made their arrangements through borewells but most of them are dried up. In Bellandur area our 99% needs are met by private water suppliers who charge exorbitantly for this service.A very simple solution to keep the ground water charged is to rejuvenate all lakes in the city and increase their rain water storage capacity by making them deep and not letting city sever-age in to them.Expenses to do this will be much less than any piping supply system.

  12. Apartments on my lane have not had public water supply for the last 6 years. Most have 3-4 borewells. Yet most apartments depend on water tanker supply for 90% of the needs. Money has been spent to upgrade sewage treatment plants to recycle as much water as possible. Water suppliers are running a monopoly where no new suppliers are allowed. Prices are being fixed in a random fashion where apartments end up paying much higher than stand alone houses. On top of all this the BWSSB has come out with the mandatory registration of borewells. On approaching the BWSSB office nearby, they officials said they are unaware of such a drive and do not have any forms for collecting our data. As usual, the consumer is at the receiving end.

  13. I dont understand what is the logic behind, WE at Gottigere on Banerughatta road, dont have Public water from last 1.5 years, this is the fastest growing housing areas, with many apartment complexes coming up, I am not sure why BBMP can give permission for new apartments when they dont provide water, neither they have any plan as of now to provide water in near future, in last one year nearly 300 bore wells were drilled Gottigere in just 1 square KMS area, most of 80% bores dried up again, when the hell they will provide solution for these people ,, the area has added 4 times the population in 3 years!!!!! the Govt is busy in power struggle….

  14. Since many years BWSSB is collecting Rs.50 as sc for borewell for domestic use.It means such borewells are already registered in the documents of BWSSB What is the necessity for such borewell owners to register again? What is the procedure for dried out borewells?

  15. BWSSB should take over the Commercial Borewells by paying compensation and monitor services from BWSSB directly. Secondly, the residential borewells can be allowed areawise rating subject to monthly payment of bill for which a tariff has to be worked out. and they should not be given BWSSB water conncections.

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