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  1. In the name of hygiene and cleanliness massive quantum of water is wasted in washing cars and automobiles, surroundings, watering plants and running water in common places. Will the elected representative and the concerned citizens come forward to sensitize the ordinary citizens in this madness of water wastage

  2. Even as a Rs 48 cr leak-fixing job is under way here, BWSSB’s incompetence in going a tree & branch distribution system for the ongoing 500 MLD 4th stage is making for a leak-enhancing job of it. Perhaps, this will ensure another lucrative contract in another few years’ time, and cuts thereof to the interested parties. Great going!

  3. The leakage is right in your own backyard One can see how precious water is leaked at pumping stations and tanker filling stations.They clean the tankers with pure drinking water,Shame.A proverb in Tamil says,if you have lost your donkey look out for it in your own backyard!

  4. In srinivagulu (Near Koramangala Sony world signal) many have illegally connected Kaveri connection to open well which I had complained many times to Koramangala BWSSB office but they never responded to it. If such useless officers are sitting in BWSSB then how they can detection of water theft

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