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  1. This the most we can expect from our pot-bellied, illiterate netas and “leaders.” – a clock? BBMP’s idea of an architectural marvel is the good old water tank and this is just a minor improvement over that ugly design. The “Shankha Naada” is to remind us of our BJP Hindutva roots, especially for those living in South Bangalore.

  2. Everyone here seems to think the clock was built for the public. We need to understand that these things are always built so the contractors and everybody else in the gravy train makes money.

  3. Vidhanasoudha is a beautiful, impressive work. Such places in Bangalore are very many, so I was unpleasantly surprised by the monster like this clock. Well, but it already exists. May be worth think about what to do to was nicer.

  4. @Hanna, afford is not the issue. 90L is plenty. I say we can do a lot better as far as aesthetic design is concerned. The whole structure is just ugly and Ms. Meera said it as well as anyone can. Mr. Lakshminath, Vidhanasoudha was built tastefully for that time and it has held its own until now. I doubt, this particular structure will have many fans 5-10yrs from now. There is no redeeming value that one can take away from it!

  5. I agree – add beauty, but this clock is just simply ugly. It’s sad that this will scare future generations. Really, we can afford a lot more.

  6. These expenditures on landmarks in a city if maintained well for a long time will become heritage structures. These will be assets for generations to come.
    When late K. Hanumanthaiah CM built Vidhanasoudha there was a hue and cry but today every body appreciates its architectural beauty even a replica has come up in Belgaum.
    Though cost is an overriding factor such structures add beauty to every city, town , village, factory etc.

  7. I like clocks, I think it should be in a variety of public places to remind us of the present time. In this case, however, not to mention the issued money, this design is just ugly (coarse, ungainly, grotesque). Price in relation to the appearance is astronomical! I’m sure that for the money you could make something really beautiful. If, indeed, it had to be created.
    I’m disappointed, but… I love this city. Sometimes it’s difficult love 😉

  8. Good one. For me, the conch sounding chimes gives a feeling of impending funeral! Maybe for the trees which have escaped the axe so far, eh? 🙂

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