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Sanjay is a mechanical engineer working for one of the city's MNC firms. He lives in BBMP ward 85 (Doddanekkundi).


  1. While appreciating the PPP model of PVC panel power generation to be fed into the grid, those who are really interested in doing something towards reducing dependency on diminishing natural resources are flummoxed by the various technicalities like grid capacity, difficulties in coordinating with and licensing of individual rooftop PVC panel holders, etc. Make it simple for people and they will be happy to get involved. These are not insurmountable difficulties and with the available expertise within the BESCOM rank and file, it should be possible to rope-in power generation hardware suppliers and help people blend with the system without too many hassles. Authorities must propogate this novel idea as a global ecological and environmental issue and create awareness to atract more and more people towards this renewable energy module for energy self-sufficiency. Outsourced agencies must be lured with volume creation for their products through State’s intervention. Meanwhile, regulation of misuse of power during day time for lighting purpose in Government offices/banks/MNCs etc., must be on top of the agenda of BESCOM; please browse http://sunlightexpertvasanth.carbonmade.com for simple solutions for harvesting sunlight for lighting interiors.

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