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  1. Thanks to Citizen activists. We don’t know how BBMP gives approval for commercial complex or apartments in normal residential sites. They don’t have enough parking nor leave any space as per rules. We can see many such violations in and around HSR layout BDA complex too. I am sure many officers are colluding in this racket. Are there any honest officers who can act ? Many buildings are still under construction or just starting. Request concerned authorities to take action.

  2. Kudos to the Citizen activists. We have lot many buildings in 8th Blk, Kml which have the toilets on first floor and beyond constructed in the balconies spilling over to the road. Also 4+ stories are very common!! Will the BBMP honestly give these details???
    Gurudas S

  3. Yelahanka Satellite Town, which was planned so well by Karnataka Housing Board and there was earmarked space for commercial establishments, is now turning into another concrete jungle due to the greed of the Housing Board and BBMP, who have sold away all empty land, which was serving as lung space for this huge locality to private builders, who can never be checked or stopped from developing the land into concrete jungles, because they have invested crores of rupees on the land. Can you beat Mantri Mall coming up in a lovely lung space which housed nearly 79-80 huge trees right in the middle of a residential locality? We are digging our own graves!
    Sudha Narasimhachar

  4. Hats off to these citizens. Unfortunately, such news will never reach the attention of the many sheep who rather talk about what Kejriwal and Modi is up to these days! These active citizens are proof corruption can be fought locally!

  5. This is a good step after intervention honorable Judiciary. In the same note what about commercial water tanker services in residential areas especially Vignan nagar. These tankers make make lots of noises, drivers drive these tankers carelessly, parked in roads making the road too narrow. In fact they always park these tankers in front of the private house, that makes life more miserable for citizens. Can anybody look into this?

  6. sir..
    Not only this please See Every Individual houses in Bangalore how much violated, and giving problems to another house owners. Please dont see only Flats First you see the individual houses also. If this you can see the other Feature coming life will be easy for constructing to others also.

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