1. Good information.
    BBMP should do something with this.
    Refer Times of India Bangalore edition 8th Oct 2012 article
    “ANOTHER SOLUTION? No need for landfills”,
    says waste-to-energy firms
    Nippon I-Waste Management India

  2. Well thought out and clearly enunciated. WE need to give segregation and composting of our own wet waste top priority and the BBMP along with the private citizen can definitely work something out.
    We are too used to taking the easy way out — dump in someone else’s backyard.

  3. was informative, but hw many wilhave the patience to read the whole article, i like the way the article starts off , even tho we dont see many women sweeping their own houses too , the whole lifestyle itself has been changing in recent times n cleanliness is not a part of it for most of them,
    so its a reminder to all of us wen u next tym litter ur surroundings

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