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  1. The key is decentralization. Capture, harvest, use, treat, reuse and conserve in the smallest zones possible. Starting from home, block, area, ward, etc., In that order. We really would not have needed to depend on the Cauvery as much as we do.

    We do exactly the opposite. Wipe out all lakes and water bodies. Pollute the few we have left. Set up large infrastructure to carry water and waste water at huge expense and treat in massive plants that are expensive to set up, maintain and run without a clue how to reuse effectively.

    Well, which is the obvious sustainable way forward into the future? Who will take the right decisions? When? I think not. Not even if we reach well beyond the tipping point and water costs go up to Rs. 100 a litre. There will be the vested political interests and the water mafia (who would have grown to larger than the drug mafia by then) who will want to keep it this way.

    (water prices are based on my own experience of paying Rs. 50 per kl in 2007 to current prices at Rs. 200 per kl.- privately bought as many of us do in Bangalore)

    I am a water treatment consultant for the past decade.

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