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  1. With Multi story buildings popping up, dime a dozen, and the water scarcity looming large, to enable equitable distribution of water to all and control over mis/ wrong use, it is ESSENTIAL that the plumbing of fresh water lines allows for metering of the consumption of each apartment individually/For this necessary Code of Pracice/ Standards have to be establised and it must be made mandatory that the builders adopt it.UNLESS there’s is a clamour by Federation of RWA like yours , and you take up the issue with the concerned authorities to establish the COP/Standards nothing will come out and there will be a severe crisis and even physical assaults during water shortage.


    As an individual I have addressed to all the authorities for the last seven / eight years enclosing self addressed stamped envelope to at least acknowledge receipt.But none of the has had the courtesy even to do that .

    ONLY INSTITUTIONS with clout can do something.
    Vedanthan: 02 03 2013

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