Offer protection to whistleblowers

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IAC Karnataka had organised a protest rally on May 25th, Saturday at Chamrajpet. The meeting was addressed by H S Doraiswamy, senior freedom fighter. This was followed by candle light vigil at traffic signal  junction, Chamrajpet.

For over a year now, IAC has been protesting the unfortunate killing of honest officers and whistle blowers. In spite of the continued killings, starting from the Satyendra Dubey, Sheila Masood to the recent killing of Narendra Kumar, Madan Naik, SP Mahantesh in different parts of the country,  governments both at Centre and States have done nothing to offer protection to the whistleblowers.

This has resulted in the killing of honest officers and citizens who have risked their lives, fully knowing the implications, in order to save the country from corruption.

As per the media reports recently, it has come to light that government officers in our city, who have been exposing corruption have received life threats from the vested interests.

IAC once again strongly demands that, governments both at centre and states should take complete responsibility :

    • To offer protection to all the whistleblowers and take all necessary action to ensure the safety of any such persons
    • Institute an Impartial, transparent, speedy and higher level investigation into the killings of whistleblowers.
    • Take necessary steps to  immediately enact a strong and effective whistleblower protection law.