Illegal construction on CA site?

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An illegal and unauthorised construction of a temple in a civic amenities (CA) site in JP Nagar has started.

The CA site is located between 30th A Main Road and 17th A cross road. The Supreme Court mandates that no temple construction should be allowed on a CA site and this is a clear violation of Supreme Court rule.

This has been brought to the notice of  MLA B Vijaya Kumar and the Joint Commissioner (South), BBMP Hemachandra. They have promised to look into the matter at the earliest.

A glimpse at CA site in JP Nagar where the temple construction has started. Pic: Col C K Seshadri

It will be beneficial for the residents of the locality if the authorities concerned take an immediate action and stop the illegal construction. A Hopcoms and a Nandini outlet can be built on this site as there are no such facilities in the area.

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Col Seshadri is a resident of JP Nagar.