Udupi Garden under renovation

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The 18-year-old landmark restaurant Udupi Garden on 2nd cross, 16th main, BTM II stage,  has been demolished for renovation. People who did not know about the renovation work were surprised and wondered if their favourite restaurant is closing down.

Since the restaurant had water leakage issues during rains, it is being renovated on customers’ request.

Rs 2.5 crores is cost of the complete renovation. The renewed restaurant will include a party hall on the upper floor, an AC hall and seating arrangements on the ground floor. Facilities like lunch delivery service will also be included.

Udupi garden under renovation. Pic: Anisha Nair

Vasu Pujari, General Manager, Udupi Gardens, says, "we will reopen the restaurant for service within three months. We are planning to add a lot of new services like party hall."

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  1. But old Udupi garden was good to sit. The food too was good. We miss the landmark restaurant.

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