1. We purchased a flat in MS Garden Apartment, Bangalore from MS ARASU Builders & Developers back in 2012. Few months after the purchase we noticed that the walls had developed cracks due to poor quality of construction and after 1 rain season my room wall was completely ruined due to seepage. I tried contacting the Builder MD of MS Arasu Builders & Developers Mr. B. H. Mahalingappa but they have refused to remedy the problem and are now not even responding to our calls.

    They told us that they have finished selling all the flats and have nothing to do with the building anymore as its not their responsibility.

    I am now extremely worried that I just lost all my saving money which I had invested towards this Flat and the building might fall due to poor quality of construction.

    MS ARASU Builders & Developer
    No.67-68/51, SUDEV COMPLEX,
    III Floor,S.Kariappa Road,
    Basavanagudi, Bangalore 560004,
    Karnataka, India

    MS Royal is another project which belongs to them and I would strongly suggest that no one buys any apartments from MS Asasu Builders & Developers AKA MS Builders as you will just end up losing your hard earned money !

  2. There is untreated sewage water still coming when toilets are flushed. Pipes leak and some people have complained of water dripping in their units. Wet walls in many units.Keppel land company dishonest from day 1. Purvankara has used second quality material for every thing. I was thinking 2 years ago buyers should file class action law suit on Keppel Purvankara.Hope there will be progress in court.Additionally they have done financial mischief with many buyers saying their payment was late.

  3. You take any builder. The hidden dangers are many and the property buyers are being taken for a ride as they have to sign at the dotted line at the time of booking. The fine print in the agreements to build and Sell will have clauses which are always in favour of the builder and it needs legal advice before signing. The arbitration on any problem will be in the hands of the builder and the buyer cannot go to consumer courts on issues of Deficiencies of Service.Every top builder claim technical design support from well known international companies. On the ground the facts are different and the buyers will not know whether they get their money’s worth in this investment or it is worth living. Yes, any property in Bangalore will get good returns . But life in these places will be difficult and more expensive. Though outwardly, the Apartment Complexes look beautiful externally through colorful and expensive brochures and Expos , in reality, the construction will be poor and the infrastructure of very poor quality. This factor one will know only after starting to reside in the apartment. How any one will know that the area is totally a freehold plot without any binding clauses or earlier municipal findings of the plot indicate conditional sanction to build. Any natural drains underneath ? What about water…from Borewells or Tankers or cauvery supply ?Problems are many and the property owner may have to answer them at a later date when the Municipal authorities pounce on the Residents’ Association for documents and proof.

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