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  1. New update from my side:
    I got roughed up and punched by a biker who moved me down on the footpath on hosur road, near Forum mall, for opposing him….. Police complaint soon.

  2. police and BBMP have failed in clearing the footpath .In all the areas shopkeepres haveencroached footpath .Look at mallehwaram,gandhi bazar etc Police have noteven insist drivers to stop at zeebra crossings.
    Allillegal road humps,inspite of the supreme court order are existing
    God knows when will our BBMP commissioner/officials wakeup.

  3. Nothing will change, I’m ashamed to say.

    Mera Barath Mahaan – In what way?

    There are dozens of footpaths that’ve been encroached, and some by the police & civic office holders!

    I used to live in Chennai and then Mysore before shifting here, and I first came across rampant signal jumping and wrong side driving only here. AFAIK there is nothing that we can do to change all this, except taking action (in groups).

    1)Keep walking on the footpath, irrespective of a biker in your way.
    Act as if you are Deaf and blind.

    2)If there are cars parked on the footpath, walk/ climb over them

    3)If the footpath is covered w/ gravel and sand (building construction) just collect it all, and put a ‘lost and found’ ad in the newspaper.

    4)If the footpath has been “landscaped” with flower pots and gardens to such an extent that theres practically no cemented area left, dont get onto the road; collect the pots and walk on the garden.

    5) When there are vehicles stopped on the zebra crossing, walk over them!

    All this may seem ridiculous, but it won’t, provided we stand up together as one, united.

    We can do the same with Autos taxis and buses too.

    The only thing we need is organisation.

    Coming to garbage, what do we do? Collect it and give it to the Corporators / contractors as “unclaimed baggage”? >:-[

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