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Snehalatha Naidu is Editor, Richards Town Residents Association newsletter and a corporate trainer.

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  1. Good on you guys. For a change Indians have got of their .. and done something. In the west everyyear clean up day is held where 1000s of people particiapte in cleaning up all areas of the town. Older retired people go with a bag in the morning while walking and pick up rubbish. If anyone wants to do this there is a simple tool. Take a broom stick and at one end just put a nail. wear gloves and every time you see paper and plastic bags as you walk use this stick to pick it up as you poke the nail into the debris. lift it up and put it in the rubbish bag. If 100s of people do this automatically rubbish on the streets will decrease. Another thing one can do is to take permission from the munisipality and put rubbish bags in bins along the roads where the pedestrians walk. this will allow people to throw rubbish into the bags. force municipality to collect these and dispose them. Encourage people to separate their organic rubbish vs plastic etc at home and force municipality to recycle. All these will help to keep the city clean. People have to take responsibility not just act like unruly mob. India is becoming ungovernable due to this uncivil unruliness.

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