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  1. Hi,
    Thank you very much for the details. Appreciate if you could guide on what if we already bought it.

    I recently bought a house (which had some legal issues which got cleared by court when the plaintiffs withdrew it). Also I went through legal opinion of my banks lawyer (from which I got loan) who too approved it. But what we dont have is Akrama/Sakrama (we got only B-Khata and that too with previous owners name as B-Khata cannot be transferred) and DC conversion.

    What else needs to be done further on this.

  2. Dear Ms.Navya,
    There are issues regarding survey numbers and registrations. The GPA sales of properties is the most dangerous of all. It is the duty of the buyer to ensure that he buys the right property with clear titles and complied with all statutory requirements. The Revenue sites, which are formed and sold, still retains its agriculture nature and all the titles in the revenue records stands in the name of the original owner(same as the case of HRBR) which you have cited,(Even the DC converted) and if the BDA/KHB acquires or notifies, the original owners get the reward. Take for instance, the gramathana, most of the panchayats issue forms, which is illegal, because, the gramathana is the area within 200 meters from the periphery of the village boundary, clearly earmarked in the village map. Who is bothered to check it? So those, who are innocent or ignorant or hesitant pay for their mistakes and ignorance. DC conversion order has lots of conditions and time frame. Even, if any one of the conditions is not complied, the order gets cancelled without any notice and the Govt has the right to demolish the structures on the said property.
    GPA sales in most of the cases are on fake or forged documents. During the sale process of such properties, many family members of the sellers are left out in the genealogical tree (family members who disagree or does not accept the sale) deliberately. Once such a transaction comes to their notice, they will initiate legal proceedings. Or if the prices shoot up, the sellers or their relatives, issue notices or obtain injunction orders.
    It is of no use to blame the SR or DC or any other officials, because the ultimate victim or the buyer will not get any relief from them. It is better to obtain clear opinion on all aspects, before the purchase.
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  3. Dear Mr.Navya,
    The buyers must aware and must investigate the documents. Most of them does not even obtain legal opinion and leave alone the investigation. The BDA or DC are not at fault. We have verified many number of documents at DC office and BDA/BMRDA/AC offices and have found discrepancies of abnormal proportions and have reported it to our clients. Many buyers rely on bank loan. You have quoted only one such incident. We have innumerable such cases in HSR, UTTARAHALLY and other areas, where BBMP has issued kathas on misrepresentation of facts and documents. A thorough investigations is required to avoid such mess.
    There are issues on katha transfer.
    Why anybody should pay XXXXX to the officers? Most of the buildings have large scale violations and deviations and have not obtained Change of Land use(Residential to commercial) etc and hide facts regarding the titles and other issues. They pay XXXXX to hide or ignore such issues. Who is at fault?
    For instance, the apartments, 75% of them have large scale violation and deviation and if the revenue inspector intimates it to the AEE, he has to inspect and issue demolition order. To Avoid, the builders take upon themselves to transfer the katha or pay XXXXX to the officials. 75% of the apartments do not have CC and OC. Most of the DC conversions are out of date or have not complied with the conditions. How can a revenue officer accord approval for the katha transfer for such properties?

    It is the responsibility of the buyer/owner to scrutinise/investigate and obtain all the clear title and comply with all statutory requirements, then they can demand katha transfer without paying any XXXXX.

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