Guide to paying property tax 2011-12

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NOW that most of us have paid the taxes for the years 2008-09, 2009-10 & 2010-11 by filling the appropriate form and have come to the stage of paying the taxes for the current year.


In the first year of the block period (2008-09), you would have used Form I (for properties with PID No.), Form II (for  properties having only Khata Number) or Form III (for properties with neither PID nor Khata number).  The block period has been officially extended to FIVE years and hence the current block consists of years from 2008-09 to  2012-13. Hence the depreciation allowed (calculated) during the year 2008-09 holds good upto the year 2012-13.

This year too, like last year, there are two types of forms – White (Form IV) and Blue (Form V). For the properties, where there is no change in any field – either in CATEGORY (Residential / Non-Residential), or DIMENSIONS (Any addition / Deletion to the structure), USAGE (Tenanted / Self occupied) have to use the white Form IV.  If any change, use Form V. The forms are now bilingual. Click here for sample forms.


Online payment of property tax can be made here.

BBMP allows you to pay online for 2011-12 for Form IV only, provided the previous years details are available online. You can also pay online using Form IV or Form V for 2009-10 and 2010-11, if the 2008-09 details are uploaded online.

If your property details have not been uploaded, however you have paid and have the receipts, you will have to make a direct payment at the designated office.

Online payments have the advantage that fields are automatically populated based on your last year’s payments and you can pay by credit or debit cards. Of course there are quirky form behaviour, but you can redo the whole thing as long as your payment is not done.

To pay online, you need the 2008-09 application no. or PID no. If you have 2009-10 number, you can "query search" to get the 2008-09 number, and proceed.

Click here for FAQ on Property tax. It also has details about the SWM cess.

This year, the new addition is the Solid Waste Management Cess, to be paid along with property tax. You need to fill one more page, an addition (printed in greenish colour ledger paper) to form IV & V. 

Keep handy the photo copies of form I (Submitted for the year 2008-09), form IV (Submitted for the year 2010-11) OR the forms submitted for revision, if any and the relevant receipts. 


Please enter the personal details in Part I as you did in previous years. There is an additional column for Special Notice Number, which has to be filled in case you have received any, from BBMP, either for Non-Payment, Wrong disclosure, Omissions / Alterations etc. 

Please copy the ward numbers and names, both old & new as filled in the form for 2010-11. 


Fill the details of tax paid according to the year 2010-11 (If revised submission has been done, fill according to it) with receipt number & date of payment, in column 10. 

If you are paying tax during the 5% rebate period (Upto 30-04-11), fill column 11 and draw a line across column 12. If you are paying after the rebate period OR in instalments, fill details in column 12 and draw a line across column 11.


Now coming to the new section on cess section, write your application number right hand top boxes provided, and Part 1 consisting of property details as per furnished in Form IV, part I (Page 1). 

Refer to your form of 2008-09 (Column 6) OR revised one, if any, to the column of “BUILT-UP AREA” and different kind of uses, and fill in accordingly, on “PLINTH AREA” column.  

Refer to the tariff on page no.2 (Reverse of the form) and fill in the “RATE PER MONTH” column.  

Accordingly calculate the area multiplied by rate multiplied by 12 / 06 for FULL / HALF year and enter in the “SWM CESS PAYABLE” column. (Note : The total column refers only to the area and cess amount). NOTE : 5 % rebate is not applicable on SWM Cess.

Coming to PAYMENT PARTICULARS on page 3 of Form IV, fill in the amount of Property tax + SWM cess (Eg: YYYYY + ZZZZ = XXXXX) and fill in the cheque details, if you are paying by cheque.  If you are paying by card (debit/credit card), fill the details of card and affix your signature. 

Fill both the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS on page 4 with the split amount system (As filled on page 3). Staple the SWM Cess form to the first sheet of form IV and present it at your respective collection center. 

NOTE: Receipts for cheque payment will be issued only after realisation (upto one month) of the cheque, but acknowledgement will be given immediately. 

Relax till the next term. 


  1. I guess this my is a common case, but I did not see or failed to notice any answers

    I have paid property tax for the current year (2015-16) if there is a change in usage (self occupied to rental) when should I pay the difference? will I get the rebate as I had paid well before April 30th?


  2. Venugopal Unni – Form V is the correct one to fill. In this form you will need to enter information that you would have entered when you first paid under this SAS scheme. If you have a photocopy of your first form, you can directly copy the information from it. Otherwise, you can access the online paid applications fm 2009 onwards on the BBMP site You can copy some of the information from these forms. In case you need more help, pls mail me

  3. Dear Mr. Prakash
    I have been struggling to fill up form V online for the past several days and any help would be much appreciated. There is a change in the occupancy status of my flat from own use to tenancy. Isn’t there a simple way to effect this change?. Should I give all the details of built up area etc.? What should be the category for residential apartments ?
    Thanks in advance
    Venugopal Unni

  4. Dear D R Prakash, My late father’s property has been transferred into my mothers name and also the khata into her name. we are planning to build 1st floor and submitted for plan sanction. BBMP is asking for Uttara Patra – we don’t have that with us. Can you help us how to get one from BBMP or elsewhere and we want to avoid paying any bribes. A word of advice would be great..

  5. Dear Sir, I see that you have answered a similar question earlier. The property tax records are still showing the name of previous owner instead of my name. My Qs are as follows:
    a) Irrespective of the owner name should I go ahead and pay property-tax online? Last paid is 2009-10.
    b) How should I approach the process for getting the right name updated in property tax records?
    c) What is the name of concerned department where these applications need to be submitted?

  6. shweta k v Dear Prakash sir , first we paid tax till now from 2008-2009 , but after paying tax they are asking us to pay betterment charges approximately 60.000/- , we have an house property their and it is a A khata property and NA plot , It has been purchased by my mother’s elder sisiter in 1978 , why should i pay betterment charges now , and we want that property to get transferred to my mom in the way of will , as my aunt died without registering the will only by notarying it , is it compulsory to produce registered will in bbmp , please guide me as i stay in bijapur i want to apply khata transfer online .

  7. Dear Prakash Sir, First we thank you for your guidance and efforts you are offering to us…

    Sir, our is joint property with equal share with all parties, and we constructed the apartments in this property, and we have mutually agreed the number of flats each share holder will get, and we have not yet registered the flats in individual share holder, to our surprise one of the share holders has registered his the khata’s to his flats and also to other share holders flat and paying the taxes to his flats .
    Does this is legal or he has done illegally.

    your answer is highly appreciated.

  8. Surya Shikha – 1. If you registered the property in 2010 feb, property tax for 2008-09, 2009-10 should have been paid by the builder – either for the flat singly or for the entire property as a whole. You will need to get the details from him (application nos. and receipt nos, and photocopies if possible). It is possible that the builder did not pay for 2009-10, in which case you would need to get him to pay or pay yourself. 2. For each year, there is a separate series of forms to be filled, labelled as such. You would need to fill Form V to start with (where you indicate the owner’s name, address, etc.). Subsequently, you can use Form IV. Check this link for more info. check out this post for help on the 2008-09 form See if you can buy a handbook from BBMP (it was issued in 2008 and has all the info). Regarding penalty, it is said to be 2% per month, for the period after the due date. The due date for half yearly payment falls twice a year (approx in May/ June and Nov). You could clarify with the BBMP officer on how he has calculated the interest. Hope this helps.

  9. hi Arathi, I bought my flat in 2010 and have not paid taxes till now. My builder has still not transferred katha . today I went to pay for the last 4 years and the bbmp officer Did calculations and just gave me figures for each year. my questions are 1. since I bought the flat in 2010 feb isn’t property tax for that year already covered 2. can you tell me the forms that I would to fill to pay the tax. is there a way how I can calculate the amount including penalty tone paid.

  10. Thanks so much Arathi for helping me out and your quick response. I hope you don’t mind answering if I have further questions.

  11. Thanks so much Arathi for helping me out and your quick response. I hope you don’t mind answering if I have further questions.

  12. Pankaj – 1) Yes – a good idea to carry the old receipts to show you’ve paid till 2007. Also carry a copy of the agreement of sale (no need to carry the original) 2) ask your neighbours/ estate manager where the BBMP office for your apartment’s property tax payment is located. The BBMP property tax collection locations change regularly as it is becoming more decentralised every year. Also, check out this post for help on the 2008-09 form

  13. Thank you so much Arathi. I have couple of questions.
    1) I had paid property taxes for the year 2006 and 2007 and have those receipts with me. Can I produce these receipts to BBMP officials for paying up 2008 taxes? Do you think I still need sale deed? If yes, is “Sale Deed” same as “Agreement of Sale”? I have original “Agreement of Sale” with me, will that work?
    2) How can I get a BBMP office in neighbourhood?

  14. Pankaj Sahu – Answers to your questions are in the points below. a. To pay property tax for 2008, you will need to visit the BBMP office in your neighbourhood that is accepting property tax. Go with a copy of your sale deed, take your cheque book along. Ask for the form for 2008, fill up the details. b. The BBMP officials there will guide you on the interest you need to pay for late payment. c. Once you have paid for 2008, ensure that your details are uploaded into the BBMP online system. This will give your property PID also. d. Once you are registered in the system, you can pay online for 2009 onwards. PID is not mandatory for paying online. You can pay online even with the 2008 application number, as long as you are in the system. Interest will be calculated by the system. e. You have the option of paying for 2009 till date at the BBMP office during your visit. 6. Khata is not required to pay taxes. In fact, to get the khata now, you need to attach your property tax paid receipt.

  15. I have an apartment on Sarjapura Road. I have not paid property tax from 2008 since I was living abroad. The apartment was under Panchayat and is now in BBMP. Can you please answer below questions:
    1) How do I pay property tax from 2008 to 2013?
    2) What will be the penalty and interest and how do I calculate it?
    3) How do I get property ID (PID) allocated?
    4) Can I pay taxes from 2009 onwards online once PID allocated?
    5) Is it required to get khata from BBMP to pay the taxes?


  16. Vasantha – Have you got the khata of the property transferred to the trust? Once this is done, you can approach the BBMP office with the sale deed and khata certificate, khata extract to make the name change in the system.

  17. Dear Sir, our charitable trust has bought a piece of land in Kundalahalli. We have been paying property tax for the past two years, but the receipt is generated in the name of the old owner. Please let us know how to get the name changed in the property tax receipt and would like to pay 201 -2014 tax in our trust name. Thanks you. Vasantha

  18. Dear Sir, Thank you for helping us in the step by step procedure in paying property tax online. I have changed my status from self occupied to tenanted this financial year. While filing form V due to change in status, i am getting stuck while filing in one of the blocks- ‘usage and sub usage which are numbered form I to XV. No description of any of the options are given there. Kindly help me. Thank you

  19. I have paid my property tax for my house upto date. The house was ground floor and I have started construction of the 1st floor. How did I pay my tax for the under construction of the 1st floor when I pay the property tax. The property was under CMC in Thanisandra village and now comes under BBMP but the khata , etc is still under CMC and taxes paid online to BBMP. Appreciate your reply.

  20. Dear Prakash Sir,
    I could not find the new PID assignment in BBMP website for my property which is a vaccant site.

    Is Still PID assignment is going on? I could see same locality PID assignment for other properties is completed. Any comments for checking regarding this will be helpful


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