1. Mr.Kannan
    I stay in Hyderabad, we have 32 flats in our building, intersted to know from you details on installation of flow meters to individual flats and also name of suppliers for flow meters.Can you also throw some light on treatment and reuse of grey water?

  2. Agree with Mr. S Srinivasan, practicality and costs of water meters for individual apartments could be prohibitive. Resetting inlet valves will cause an imbalance in hydrostatic pressure often leading to unwanted water hammer problems resulting in damaged taps and pipework (that is a even bigger problem).

    Simple solution could be to use less water naturally. Here are some ideas for water saving: http://www.zeteoninternational.com . Please contact the local office and ask for a demo.

  3. 1.Fitting Water Meters are not possible in high rise apartment complexes since water connections to Bathrooms and toilets come through different pipe layouts in different ducts.
    2. RO type of water purifiers consume lot of water. It is best to avoid such types of purifiers and go for simple types.
    3.Simple water showers made of plastic costing just Rs. 20/- and a pipe adaptor to the existing Kitchen tap does a very good job. The shower attachment is available from M/s.Olympic Plastics . You can contact Mr.Dharmic Patel at olympicplasticindustries@gmail.com
    I will send photos of the attachment to Citizen Matters .
    4. Reducing the water flow in each tap by resetting the inlet valves is being followed in our complex.
    Whatever said and done, it is the responsibility for each citizen to follow simple rules of water conservation and train the children also on its importance.

  4. Hello Kannan, please provide me with the address of your apartment and your contact number. Reason being, we at our apartment are exploring installation of water meters and are currently assessing the situation. I am interested to know more about the installation of water meters, which water meters you installed etc. Thanks, Vinayak (Ph 9611238238)

  5. Wanted to know how much it costed you to install water meters. We are 20 flat apartment complex and we need to install them as we have sever water shortage here in Hyderabad.
    so your inputs will help us to take correct decision.

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