1. Excellent article. Why is it that the one who has the knowledge never gets connected with one who needs the knowledge?

    Maybe someone rightly said that “You cannot make anything foolproof” because fools are so ingenious!

  2. This is an ideal situation, but unfortunately it is not clear how such a plan will ever be initiated. Any such plan cannot get past the thousand little cuts that developers and BDA/BBMP/BMRDA officials will inflict on it. Bangalore has some of the zoning laws and but needs effective methods of enforcing it. How can this happen when a populist scheme like “Akrama Sakrama” is encouraged and there is no organized protest from the majority of citizens who will suffer from it eventually? Perhaps the solution is to have some market and regulatory mechanisms to encourage this – eg. developments larger than say 100 acres with the defined public areas, will get access to other city services like buses, BWSSB, etc. Perhaps substantial tax benefits can be offered to developments which follow such a norm. But even these measures will face pressure from developers who will “encourage” officials to bypass such rules, and get the benefit anyway.

  3. Makes perfect sense. That is one of the tragedies of Bangalore. Common sense can sound like pearls of wisdom in our city today.
    Two questions. (1) How do we get this to happen? (2) More importantly, how do we fix or improve the existing mess?Does Mr. Rao have suggestions for that?

  4. Excellent analysis. One of the most level-headed and insightful analysis to come out of Citizen Matters in a while! Hope someone, somewhere in the government will read this and at least begin to think of a having a vision or develop some ideas about planning for Bangalore.

  5. hope this reaches each and every one of the new lay out developers who plan each and every square foot of the lay out to be sold and none for the public convenience or civic amenity. bus shelter and wide commuting roads are an absolute necessity for the well being of the citizens and not a luxury as thought by those greedy developers.

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