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  1. Quite strange that first the government steps-back and lets the private builder construct the roads, parks and other infrastructure inside the layout. The builder, of course, collects the money from the clients in form of higher rate per square feet and annual maintainence. Then the government steps-in and says that the park is public! Although the 15% area is registered in the name of the commissioner, the government is not maintaining it, but just exercising control. Given that law of the land is applicable, the residents should _not_ pay for infrastructural amenities that builder advertises on the behalf of the government. For the people living on govt. provided plots, they get roads, power, water, parks from the tax-payers money while the residents living in the gated community have to PAY (to get infrastructure completed by the private builder) besides the normal taxes they already paid, and over that they won’t have claim over the parks they are paying to maintain? Quite strange.

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