1. Great work by both of you. Hopefully this sets a precedent for all of us other citizens in our city to voice our opinion and fight for what is right and bring justice. I want to be an active member in this forum.

  2. Bravo Arathi Yajaman and O.P.Ramaswamy! Indeed you both deserve a standing ovation from the entire community for your optimistic and never say die attitude. As Somanna has rightly suggested there should be a way of getting the erring department to compensate the individuals for the precious time lost and the mental agony caused to the community because of the folly committed by the govt officials.

  3. In deed its a great task fighting government agencies. A big pat is a must from all sections of the society for the efforts taken by the two.

    There is a guideline for load to provide a ‘LIMITER’ device, which controls the operation of equipments switched on, to only such limit, which has to be SEALED by the department in non commercial installations. Just based on this ground, the entire issue could have been quashed.

    Anyway my sincere congratulations to both leaders for their success N victory.

  4. This is fantastic news and thank you citizen matters for sharing it. We are right now hassled with this issue in our complex. This would really save us lots of money and trouble as well. Kudos to Ms. Arathu and Mr. Ramaswamy.

  5. Great work Arathi. Congrats on the mammoth task of separating the wheat from the chaff. Shouldnt there be a system in India to compensate you for the precious manhours you lost for the misdeeds and the mental agony caused to you by the modern day rulers aka government servants

  6. We in Komarla Brigade Residency are really grateful to M/s. Arathi and Mr. Ramaswamy who had done fantastic work and exposing BESCOM in their Inspection and levying heavy penalties with the wrong interpretation of sanctioned Load and Connected loads. Our application to reinspect the connected loads is pending with BESCOM and I am sure they will act now. After 10 years of construction of the apartment complex, we are unable to understand how the loads can increase suddenly when no new equipment have been added.

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