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  1. While the Lok Satta Party in Karnataka along with Praja & Smartvote deserve all the credit for pulling this off, it was interesting to observe that there was nary a banner of Lok Satta at the event. The teeming members of the dominating parties in India’s political landscape, proudly carry, prominently advertise and loudly proclaim their affiliations to these parties that are increasingly becoming undifferentiated through their corrupt dealings.

    And yet, the finest and most upstanding citizens of Bangalore, that do us socially proud are reluctant in openly casting their lot with the avowedly clean parties that they get to shape & form, and whose agenda is in their able hands!

    Are we shy about our clean linen?

  2. Wow! 800 people?. Out of how many IT professionals working in the city?

    I think this number 800 is very important.

    I think Majority of Indians hate ‘corruption’ in principle. It brings out a visceral reaction when we hear that word. Opinions are given, solutions provided etc. But when real action is needed, there’s no oomph.Why? I believe it is because our lack of civic sense in “participation alone will help in the transformation”. At best we tend to be nihilistic in our civic attitudes and worst selfish not to devote our time to civic duty.

    “I have more important things to do today… attitude”.

    This attitude by itself sounds innocent, but when large groups tend to think way, it can be devastating to the proper workings of a democracy.

    There has to be a grassroots development. I applaud the 800 souls who were out there investing their time and effort.

    I think there needs to be a strong civic duty education in our youth at school. The grownups have to set the example here. If they dont think it is important in participating in a rally that might improve their futures, what kind of message are they passing down to their kids??

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