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    The most distressing part is that this neighborhood comprising of Brigade, RBI Layout folks have turned

    a blind eye to this menace & continue to lead lives as though everything is normal. Its not normal for


    The only solution to this garbage issue is to make sure that these illegal street hawkers are moved out

    of here. They are the source of all filth & litter & no amount of lecturing on this issue will penetrate their thick skull.

    Sorry for the long post.Just that I become seriously depressed when I see such nonsense unfolding right
    in from of me, especially if it has anything to do with cleanliness,hygiene.

    Thanks to Citizen Matters for all their effort to make Bangalore a better place to live in & I am sorta

    optimistic that we’ll sort out this ‘bloody mess”of putenehalli, especially when we’ve got people like

    Ms Arathi & the commenter above me, Mr Srinivas.

    Thanks again.


    Is there anyway I can get in touch with you Ms Arathi Manay Yajaman?

    I’ve bookmarked this page & will be eagerly awaiting your response.

  2. …continued

    I think Ms Arathi is aware of the fact that roads on either side are NOT asphalted completely & this

    footpaths are encroached by flower vendors, coconut etc & this forces people to walk on the road

    itself!! And anyone walking towards the north i.e towards putenehalli is not facing the traffic & we all

    know the volume of traffic on this stretch.I am damn sure that there is a major accident waiting to

    happen. I mean its insane that this guy is getting away with this.

    Next is the flower bouquet shop situated besides this illegal eatout.
    This is probably half the reason why that this surrounding is so full of filth. I mean is just

    unbelievable the kind of garbage his rotting flowers cause. He dumps all of it on the footpath,along

    with polythene cover(non bio-degradable BTW) and a slight wind causes it to be scattered all around,

    including the surroundings of mayflower.

    Then comes the problem of Nilgiris. Not only is are their products hopeless, but also their garbage

    disposal method. I find it just disgusting that their staff just pile up their rubbish & just dump it

    on to the street & that is done somewhere in the afternoon after the swacha vahana i.e the BBMP dump

    truck’s departure & the dump is unattended until the next morning,the time by which street dogs would

    have ripped it apart & spewed the mess all over the road. They claim to be a “Green” brand promoting

    environmental friendly products, but they do this! The litter they cause is just unbelievable.

    The list continues lol. The coconut vendor, the flower vendor beside fresh greens, the other flower

    vendor beside the battery shop.
    to continue….

  3. Hi, there.

    I really appreciate the efforts & pain taken by the author in bringing about a solution to this menace.

    Yes! This stretch starting from gaurav nagar to the arch of brigade millenium is a bloody mess. There are numerous street hawkers, street side food stalls( there is one just opposite mayflower apt) Its called punjabi fast food or something like that. What the guy over there does is he keeps the LPG cylinder on the foothpath!! and continues cooking & situated right above the cylinder is a transformer!

    I’ve seen this transformer explode on numerous occasions, the reason for the explosion being the extreme heat generated during cooking.

    But was most disturbing was the sight of people( some brigade folks also lol!) flocking to consume this food! In turn blocking pedestrians from walking on the footpath.

    ( I think the post is too long lol! Maybe I’ll split it up into parts, just goes to show the numerous problems over here at 7th phase!)

  4. Making Puttenahalli Garbage freeis a great initiative and is very much doable IMHO. Arathi continues to inspire us. If some of us take responsibility to work with the BBMP, visible results will follow.

    Please call for a meeting with other like minded citizens and we shall make this happen. I extend my full support and hope to see more comments on this article from people interested in this effort.

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