1. Many people fail to realize this but we work day and night in this economy and give away MORE THAN 50% of our hard earned money to the government in form of various taxes (directly or indirectly):

    – Income Tax
    – Profession Tax
    – Property Tax
    – Service Tax
    – Value Added Tax
    – Customs Duty
    – Entertainment Tax
    – Stamp Duty
    – Property Registration Tax
    – Capital Gains tax
    – Security Transaction Tax
    – Corporate Tax
    – Excise Duty
    – Divident Distribution Tax
    – Minimum Alternate Tax
    – Gift Tax
    – Road Tax
    – Perquisite Tax
    – Interest & Penalties on delay or under payment of taxes
    – Fees Collected by Government for Various Services
    – BRIBES Collected by bureaucrats

    After all this, Is this the kind of service and infrastructure we have to live with?

  2. It is clearly evident from the fact that a wrong candidate is chosen as a corporator.
    It is a fact that the chosen candidate had to spend 3 crores to get elected.
    So the need to recover the money,any effort by the residents cannot be fulfilled due to this reason.
    So lets wait for 5 more years to choose the right candidate

  3. Civic authorities have to visit daily esp. during night hours since the heavy vehicles are making the roads as parking places and ask the encroachers to vacate or to levy some huge amount as tax which will discourage the continuance and a sizable amount will be loaded to the exchequers.

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