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  1. Raj,

    Thank you for sharing your views about Loksatta. We are proud of Dr.Shankara Prasad for his inspiring leadership and for creating hope and belief among the most cynical of us.

    We will set up the feedback page on our website as quickly as possible.
    Your suggestion about selling merchandise has been discussed but could not be implemented due to lack of resources. If you are willing to help us with the website or in other ways, let me know.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Nice to know that Mr. Prasad is working to bring a change in the community and then to the greater population through loksatta . I sincerely hope that this movement gets the needed traction. Having said that, I am not sure how much exposure loksatta is getting. I visited the website to get more info. There’s no feedback page. Nothing that the casual visitor can purchase to feel as part of the loksatta movement. If loksatta needs more exposure, they need to know to market themselves. Take a look at the systems in the US. You can buy all kinds of goodies from the party’s website. T-shirts, badges etc. That way people will feel more politically involved and loksatta can get some extra financial infusion.

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