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  1. BBMP is in the process of fixing the potholes on Millennium Avenue – so it looks like the issue of who will maintain the road henceforth has been addressed for now.

  2. If the Brigade Millenium road becomes public, it will lead to scurity threat also in the longer run, so it should not be allowed public road in any case. For past couple of months it has become difficult to walk on this road, every where you can see dog potty. Walkers spit anywhere just like that. If the govt. can not create better communities, they do not have any right to spoil the existing better communities giving the expample of third class laws. I think Brigade Millenim residents get together and stat agitation and stop vehicles plying on this road with immediate effect.

  3. It is the habit of all builders to give away some areas to BDA /BBMP to get some benefits for themselves during registration, Occupancy certificate , extended constructions etc. They never bother about the owners who have purchased the property who do not get what they should really have such as open areas, inside roads etc. The owners will come to know the limitations in their expectations only after paying the full amount claimed by the builder. The public is being cheated by the mafia …politicians,bureaucrats and builders and a non – existent Govt.

  4. It is high time residential communities like these in Bangalore join hands and take on both the builders and the bureaucrats who are hand in glove in taking all of us for a ride.

    As some of your readers are aware, the residents of L&T South City have fired the first salvos…

  5. It is not uncommon for builders to mislead property buyers. The veracity of assurances given at the time of booking are exposed at the time when all payments have been made to ensure possession.

    In this case perhaps tbuyers were unaware that there is no such thing as a gated community in law. When BDA sanctions a layout on large pieces of land the roads and civic amenity sites get intergrated with the surrounding areas and are meant for public use.

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