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  1. Hi Minal,
    Good to know that you are about to start this good initiative.
    You could contact us at vidyagomathi [a] gmail.com or arathimy [a] gmail.com
    Would be glad to help.

  2. Hi Vinita, can you please share the contacts of the key people behind this excellent drive at Mayflower? I live in an apt at Brookefields and would like to start a similar drive here. Any practical insights from the team will help..
    Thanks, Minal

  3. I think this is a problem everywhere – if well educated people are not aware of the impending problems, how do you expect others to worry about this problem ? Fundamental to this issue is the centralized big city development which encourages this throw away mentality – it is the city’s problem not mine. So as long as this mad rush towards urbanization continues, the situation is only going to get worse. BTW, personally I don’t throw out any wet waste anymore, I compost it and use it. If you are frustrated in getting support, do it on your own with dailydump’s products.

  4. Excellent article. It shows us all that the real enemy to growth and development may not be BBMP’s incompetence, but our so-called “sophisticated and educated” citizens. I say, Brigade Mayflower folks boycott the rest of the families who are laggards in this great effort. More articles like this please.

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