1. This is a complain with regards to airforce school management murugeshpalaya old airport rd bangalore.since past week we the residence of brigade nest adjescent to school are noticing that they are continuously burning the garbage everyday just in front of the society.also it is creating lot of health issues.there are also pregnan ladies for whome its affecting more.i want them to take immediate action of handing the garbage to garbage association who will dispose it in dumping ground.this is a nuisence

  2. Chanced to come accross this site.

    Am responding as this attitude problem is what we are suffering from. The authorities are also our brothers and sisters who have been brought up in an environment of indifference and unhygienic conditions. Besides those who feel a change must be brought about lack the life-skills required. Our effort now is to empower children by facilitating the learning of hygiene through life-skill based learning strategies.
    In this particular case I suggest the children of the school should be encouraged to address the problem, come up with solutions. They may come up with innovative ideas. Then let them implement the best idea voted on.
    In a similar case it was decided to call the officials for a function and it was organized very near the garbage dump.They had to sit through the smell, no sweepers were allowed to clean the place before the VIP visit!!!! Mind you it is said to have worked.

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