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  1. Hello Mr.Srinivasan,

    You bring out an interesting point.
    Data security & privacy is definitely on top of the MC’s (Management Committee) mind since Residents trust them with their personal data.

    At the same time, the option of maintaining an in-house software like the ones mentioned in this article – has multiple challenges: taking regular data/software backups, keeping the software up-to-date, and above all answering the usage queries of all Residents. To ensure it works in the long run, an IT team with expensive skillsets has to run in-house.

    I’m sure you’d agree this becomes impractical for Associations, and makes Software as a Service an especially suitable option for them.

    The MC just has to ensure they are trusting the right provider with the data.

  2. No offense to Mr. Srinivasan but today we are talking about cloud computing and Software as a Service. We used to talk about Software & Hardware Management in 70s while the internet was not readily available. Today, even the well managed Enterprises are using third party service providers instead of managing everything on their own resulting into better output.

  3. The main worry is that the Data will be in the hands of outsiders which can create safety and security of addresses, phone nos, financial details etc of residents.
    The software should be free of outside interference completely and no information with the management goes outside. Are there any software available which is managed only by Residents’ association by themselves ?

  4. Thanks Citizen Matters Team, (Reshmi & Meera in particular) for writing such an informative article on Apartment Management & Communication Software.

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