1. How come you missed these Engineering Marvels
    1. Richmond Flyover – The only flyover with a traffic signal on the top.
    2. K.R Puram Hanging Bridge – The idea of the hanging bridge was to get a wide span. But the Ring Road below is choked to less than 40 feet.
    3. Banaswadi Flyover – Only after it was built, they realised the need to fix another ramp from the CMH road side and a spiral ramp to Kamanahalli side. The Spiral ramp is a world wonder. So we have a junction in the middle of a flyover that is only fit for one way traffic !!!

  2. Incredible Bangalore, Come & enjoy the hospitality of Auto drivers, roudism on the roads,
    enjoy the fragrance of Jasmine like BWSSB’s overflowing sewage chambers .

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