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  1. These are indeed the concerns of every average Indian. It is undoubtedly a change in our indifference that will bring about a change in the system.

    @Rajs: There are many things that we can do to resist corruption. I once read about ten commandments that ipaidabribe.com had floated. They listed simple things like be confident and ask for receipts that each one of us could do instead of meekly accepting corruption. It will be interesting to try these out to see if they work.

  2. True. Last paragraph is right on. If we ourselves cannot support the plight of the Lokayukta, we deserve the mess that we are in.

  3. Good article. May be the author could highlight what can be done by “common” (wo)man to get out of this corruption mess.

    As far as I can see, most of us educated, net-surfing urbanites are no different from that woman in the bus. I am not too sure if the woman in the bus who paid Rs. 3 instead of Rs. 4 should be blamed? As far as the woman is concerned she paid what is being asked.

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