Teaming up for for BMTC service in JP Nagar

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We residents of JP Nagar have seen articles pertaining to requests for BMTC services in the newspapers. During the "Know your Candidates" BBMP election debate organised by Citizen Matters, some participants also raised the same concern.

I invite all like-minded residents of JP Nagar to come together and form a forum to jointly voice our concerns to BMTC. A large group will have strength and voice.

Contact me at 9916781877.   ⊕


  1. We need betetr routes-enough of travelling via 4th block-we can ru few buses via Banashankari to majestic,via K.R.Road to Vijayanagar and MCTC and we require more frequent buses to go to Shantinagar bus stand. If we get proper connectivity in tehse ways utilization if buses will rise

  2. The service to RBI Layout and Kothnur is very bad. Buses are always over-crowded and there are no services to various parts of the city from here. I suggest that we get residents associations to petition the transport dept.

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