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  1. Another well written article by M/s.Vaishnavi Vittal on the standards ( Skeletons) from BBMP Cupboards. What else we can expect on their Planning wonderful Road Widening Projects by people who have no experience or expertise to brag about. But they have powers to dictate and eat the public money. PWD is known for ages as Public Waste Dept and is a big burden on then Tax Paying Public. These departments like Municipal Corporations are corrupt to the core. Even God cannot save our country . Indian democracy is nothing but demonacracy .

  2. This is a wider problem in India’s civil services both at the IAS level as well as the state administrative services. We need public utilities and municipalities/corporations to recruit from experts in specific technical field rather than from a general cadre of civil servants. As a recent Economist special report pointed out most of these officers are good administrators, but are not specialists in the field that they are administering.
    So we need reform of India’s administrative services.
    – To place officers according to their technical or domain skills.
    – There should be a pathway for experts from private sector to enter public service – without age limits etc that exist now in the standard IAS route.
    – And as with anything, public disclosure and scrutiny – a tracking mechanism for officials, their background and their actions.

  3. Why don’t you guys ask others to investigate the “other” party and its completely corrupt states? Fear that their personal lives will be hurt?

  4. Bravo! Solid investigative reporting.

    CM and Ms Vaishnavi are doing yeoman public service by exposing egregious violations of established State of Karnataka policies.

    Public-at-large would have no way of knowing these infractions of policy without sustained effort by enlightened journalists.

    When the State does not respond to a simple request by an Administrative Tribunal it brings about disrespect for rule of law, one of the very foundations of a liberal democratic society. It is my hope the story will encourage the State to act responsibly and do the right thing.

    Investigative stories can have a salutary effect in encouraging authorities to do what is correct. Good for CM and Ms Vaishnavi.

  5. Excellent Investigation! I think this issue is redundant in most of the Govt Departments. Your investigation can be replicated in those departments as well to bring out the truth to public.

  6. Dear Ms.Vaishnavi,

    Good article. BBMP is a heaven for journalists, who wish to investigate and expose this kind of activities.
    I expect more, which will benefit the citizen community, online.


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