1. Quite a number of Professional teams have come up with software to manage all the apartment affairs recently. The fear amongst the Apartment owners are many…the most important are about the Financial matters and Details of owners available on the net in outsiders’ hands. It will be easy to any hacker to snoop around on the goings on in any complex which is definitely not in the interest of the Owners. There will be no secrecy or privacy on any issue.

  2. A very insightful article. Most importantly, it highlights the steps to be taken to avoid being in the same state again. Its a must read for everyone aspiring to be a part of the committee.
    Fortunately we have better communication solutions via technology that makes possible to reach owners beyond email. Unfortunately we still have to depend on the people to make the right decision to implement these suggestions.
    Mr.Prashant, thanks for a very precise solution to a very common problem.

    Vikas Malpani
    Better Communities with Better Communication

  3. Excellent article, I must say. Having closely watched operations of one
    550 apt-sized complex for last 2 years and going through discussions on our
    yahoo groups, I can totally empathize with all the points mentioned in
    the article. However, unlike in the past, apartment associations can now
    leverage technology to make their lives easier. Portals like
    ApnaComplex significantly assist the
    associations in running their day to day operations effectively.

  4. Congratulations to Mr.Prashant who has hit the nail on the head. In my experience in running the association, I find personal likes, dislikes,hatred and other unwanted issues creep in while electing members for a MC.
    Thereafter you find only resignations and the MC shrinks to only few who also do not have any plans either to meet frequently or have any long term plans or face the day to day problems. It is proved every time that we Indians are individually brilliant but collectively foolish. As long as somebody is there to run the show others are there to relax and pass comments.
    Somehow the apartment complex runs thanks to an efficient manager. There is no introspection in any member whether one is in a committee or outside. There is utter lack of social responsibility in every owner and they talk of only their rights and do not think what they can do to the society.
    Now a serious problem has come in the form of Road Widening. There is no awakening amongst the residents and all the more from the MC inspite of giving inputs . A casual approach to this issue is going to affect the apartment complex in a very serious irretrievable manner.
    Thanks to Mr Prashant once again to his article which clearly exposes the state of affairs in many residential associations.

  5. Hello Mr.Prashant, thanks for these insights from running an Association. In addition, the Karnataka Legislatures must review the Acts of 1960 and 1972 for an upgrade, which the current-day Residential Associations have definitely outgrown.
    Looking forward to more from your Desk!

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