1. Recently i came across BBMP map for widening the Jayamahal Road prepared by Indian Resource Information & Management Technologies Ltd , Bangalore. The Road across Jayamahal Road near Doordarshan was denoted as Devarajurs Road!

    Actually it is named as Des Raj Urs!
    I am very sure not many will know who this celebrated World war hero was unless you travel further on this Road and read the plaque on the war memorial! For the uninitiated, the Road is named after Col. J. Des Raj Urs , brother-in-law of Maharaja Krsihna Raja Wadiyar. He was the chief Commandment of the Mysore troops which campaigned in world warI in and around around Egypt, Suez Canal Zone and Gaza in Palestine. After their successful campaign and end of the war Col. J. Des Raj Urs decorated with the title with C.I.E, M.V.O, by the British King for his exemplary valor. Col. J. Des Raj Urs also become the first Indian member of the Bangalore Services Club (Bangalore Club or BUS club as it is known today). He lost his Wife Princess Krishnajammanni and three daughters to TB and was responsible for the first TB Sanatorium established at Mysore.

    Poor Souls of the bygone era! Ignorance or Vicissitudes ?????

  2. Agree with you Palahalli, it needs to reach out to the people at large. We need more publicized events whereby the public feel free to participate.

  3. History helps in acquiring pride about one’s locality, one’s town etc. It is nice to have academic seminars( I would have loved to attend it). However, it has to reach the common man. For eg. we have DVG road in Basavangudi (we initialise (!) everybody but that is another matter) but how many people know who is DVG . It would be nice to have some small boards or plaques at the two ends of each street giving some small detail about the person. When I was traveling by bus the other day on JC Road, I overheard a young man (obviously an outsider)telling his friend ” They even have a street named after named after Jesus Christ “! Poor Jayachamaraja Wodeyar !!

  4. Thanks Pramod, sadly there is a clear disconnect between the academics and the politicians on these matters. Maybe this divide should be bridged. More importantly, the state minsiters and legislators should not have so much say in the administration of the city. We have to move towards a more decentralised system which empowers the people.Sounds quite idealistic and unrealistic, but nevertheless provided under the Constitution.

  5. This is a good idea, but these conferences happen every year in one garb or the other. But do they have any impact on the barely literate Ministers and MLAs who lord over the city?

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