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  1. If this is the latest master plan, then the green-zone is violated along the whole road.

  2. Hi Vaishnavi,
    Great journalism. Bravo. Keep it up. Let your journalism evoke sense of responsibility and accountability among these officials.

    Best Wishes

  3. Thank you for doing a good investigative report on “misinterpretation” of the zoning bylaw.

    One cannot help but admire the sustained efforts of RWA. Bravo!

    Let us all hope and work with RWA to ensure that such “misinterpretations” do not occur in the future.

  4. I would like to call upon the Pattabhiramnagar residents to put up their own candidate in the forthcoming BBMP elections, which alone can be the ultimate check on such rampant misuse of powers.

    I am myself going to be contesting on the LokSatta ticket.

  5. This is a typical example of carelessness in planning. No body would’ve predicted what would an ‘error’ cost in the future. And we all see it now. Chaotic state of affairs. Thanks for this brilliant report on a major error that they claim as confusion.

  6. Grt article to highlight yet another exhibition of BBMP’s monumental incomptence and indifference to citizen’s needs. Is BL Meena any use at all to the citizens?

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