1. I Agree with Brijesh.. Every one is Bothered about saving their Property from Demolition.. And forget the bigger picture of development. The Shobha Daffodils Bribed the Local Authorities and closed the Road from DHL to Haralur Roads and today the School Busses to vibgyor Ply through the tiny roads and create a huge traffic jam and new sence. Haralur road has so many Constructions going on and hen the Citizens of HSR Layout , Kudlu , Kaikondnahalli and Hosa Road have to reach Sarjapur Road and E City Visa versa this Road will be a big bottle neck and Some one BBMP has no choice than a forced Demolition according to CDP 2015. Than Delaying the development. We should support the Move and have the Connecting Road from Shoba Daffodil and Haralur road Widened and Ease the Traffic Whoes.. this will also get better connectivity and Buses and to cater to the needy.

  2. I strongly disagree with you. Harlur road progress has been hampered by citizens illegally occupying the road and then going to the court begging for justice. It’s pity that lousy bureaucracy takes years to get the work done. But it’s time this work must be done. Coming back to harlur road, it’s a mess. Faster harlur road will save time and people some breather from silk board junction. It will cause less traffic at silk board.
    And considering construction on harlur road, if this is not done now, you won’t be step out of your house in an years time. There are at least 6000 apartments under construction that I know off. Can harlur road take 6000 cars in one year. No right. So better do it now or going to court will not save your children from spending 4 hours to commute to school.

    Democratic government does not mean citizens are involved in every decision. That would be chaos. You have an elected representative who should put your side. Again your elected representatives do not take decision(technically).

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