Moshpits do the talking at Deccan Rock

Out goes Bhayanak Maut, in come old school metallers Kryptos. Though they did not receive the warmest of welcomes from the audience, courtesy their "Liverpool Sucks" shouts which  front man Nolan Lewis’s carried on stage, the band managed to play some of their most popular numbers and entertained the crowd. Meeting all expectations in the end, the band closed their show with Descension, considered by many to be one of the best Indian metal songs of all time.

The last band to open for Textures and Amon Amarth was Demonic Resurrection (DR) fronted by the not so infamous Demonstealer. DR, as the fans like to call them, did a real good job of playing a tight set of originals and also laying the foundations of their forthcoming release Return of the Darkness.

As DR made their exit, blue strobe lights created a special atmosphere as Textures opened with the gut wrenching yet lucid One Eye For a Thousand. What followed was a progressive metal fan’s dream. Textures left the audience in a haze with their epic Storm Warning, which was followed by old numbers like Swandive, and the absolutely thumping Stream of Consciousness.

But that wasn’t all. Enter Awake with an alternative opening and an ear crushing ending. To top that Laments of an Icarus the drumbeats of which sound like gunfire and lastly Regenesis to the very end. Textures owned Deccan Rock and just a few sentences on global warming would have saved the face of the organisers but the band left the stage without any such rant and the lead singer Eric Kalsbeek growling “Namaste” a few times.

After this absolute carnage of a performance, the Viking themed melodic death metal of Amon Amarth from the Swedish town of Tumba was actually soothing to the ears of the audience. The Vikings did put up a great show and the crowd which had grown into a body of two thousand strong did sing back to them; these Swedish hair metal gods were nowhere close to being as electrifying as Textures.

By the end of it all inadvertently, it was music that saved the day if not the planet. All the bands did was give the audience a show to remember.

If you still want a word or two about Climate Change, this is what Eric Kalsbeek, front man of Textures said backstage, "Yes I’m very excited to play in India and see the crowds’ reaction. There is a lot of pollution that needs to be checked but metal bands playing at a concert for climate change seems a little ironic”. Aye Aye Captain!!   ⊕

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