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  1. Possible. Just need to build nice, large toilets underneath flyovers and have criminals in jails especially rapists, clean ’em. What better punishment for e’m than cleaning other people’s shit. They would them then think OPM = OPS (Other People’s Money Shit = Other People’s Shit). They will not steal for fear of foul smells. Less crime, better society.

    Please co-operate to adopt the Singaporean model. The collective Middle class sits on their as*, never shows serious initiative or any, in India. I did some activity seriously a progressive initiative for a nearly extinct intellectual community, will continue that when I land in India.

    If *only the middle class, if only* , for crying out loud, showed initiative in THIS MATTER putting aside differences, dynasty parties would never usurp power as history has shown since 1947. The middle class would have brighter shoes to wear, since them politicians would be polishing it.

    Then the clean Bangalore concept would be a reality.

    Jai Dharwada Kannada Mathe.
    Activist for, by, of – Pure Vedic culture.

  2. why dont u encourage private sector to build and maitain loos. infact SULABH is making profits.
    give them a piece of land on lease and thats it. r put a condition to all the builders in bangalore to build a specific number of loos. think of some innovative idea

  3. Completely agree. WE must ask BBMP what their plan is for toilets. They spend thousands of crores on flyovers, underpasses etc, can they spend a few crores and get some basic facilities like toilets in the city?

  4. Wow! I can so totally agree with this. If the situation in Bangalore is bad, that while traveling outside the city is worse. So bloody hard to get decent loos.

  5. I used to be amazed at the preponderance of females in Blore’s shopping malls. Cat is out of the bag now. Expect malls to introduce a cover charge for females wanting to enter in a hurry 🙂

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