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  1. Well written and a touchy story. “We are poor. That is why they are doing this to us” – It is very painful to hear this statement again and again. And this is a sustained situation of many people who are in need. Anger, fear and anguish – This is again the state of many people living in the lowest income neighborhoods. Not only in Bengaluru but also in many other such neighborhoods. Authorities themselves are in a confused state and creating chaos for other poor people. Hopefully they will take good action on the issue to bring it to the mutually agreeable closure without causing problems. CM should do more such stories and bring up the problems to the concerned authorities over the table.

  2. The harrowing tale of potential dispossession, so well narrated, makes for painful reading.

    It is tragic to see citizens being transformed into Internally Displaced Persons or IDPs for lack of foresight and bold action on the part of authorities.

    My own experience is that middle-income families in all large cities in India want the services of people who live in such conditions but do not want to be their neighbours.

    It is heartwarming to see citizen groups standing up for the basic right of a shelter. More power to them.

    With your consent, may I make a suggestion? For historic reasons, the word slum has come to be a pejorative term. Would you consider using the term, Lowest Income Neighbourhood or LIN when you write about such neighbourhoods?

    As you would know better than I, the most famous LIN is Dharavi. Anyone who has taken the time to study Dharavi knows that it is an economic powerhouse. To call Dharavi a slum is not only disrespectful but also inaccurate.

    Thank you for a moving story.

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