1. BBMP seems to think every inch should be filled with concrete. There is no need for that; they can leave some space for water to seep in and leave space for trees to grow.

    This is the new-found madness of BBMP. Just like putting up massive dividers in residential areas to make sure people cannot cross the roads (even when there is no traffic).

  2. I never had problems with my knees until I came to Bangalore. reason – Walking on the concrete pavements of Bangalore. I think the Babus of BBMP have their Brains stuck up somewhere else. I have never seen such unfriendly / uneven concrete pavements anywhere in the world. One can not walk on the pavements in Cox Town, Bharathi Nagar area because the pavements are badly laid. Most of the platforms in Cleveland town are used as urinals. one can not walk on the roads also because the pet dogs dirty the entire area with their faeces. No wonder Bangalore is becoming a S H I T capital from I T capital.

  3. Looks better and usable after concreting! Before concreting, it looks unusable anyway with the “greenery” on it.

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