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Sakuntala Narasimhan is a Jayanagar based writer, musician and consumer activist.


  1. About a month ago i read in the DNA about a new 24×7 garbage helpline by BBMP -22660000 promising that the issue would be addressed within 24hours of the call.
    Having seen a pile of garbage for 2 consecutive days at a spot right outside several houses, I decided to call the helpline.
    I was impressed with the courteousness of the operator and his efficiency when he called 2 hours later – to reconfirm my complaint no. address etc; assuring me that the garbage would be cleared definitely by the next morning.
    i waited and the next day by mid morning i found it had been ‘cleared’ – but only by burning the garbage! So much for the BBMP ensuring our health.
    Can all of us try this helpline for issues related to garbage and see how it responds? Then we could send in our joint feedback to the BBMP?

  2. We have a stagnant pool of water in the road outside which is being dug to make way for the underpass on 15th Cross J.P.Nagar, i.e. the ring road. While regular complaints are made by us, we do not see any major action taken on this. It smells, it is messy and a hazard to live with. Rain water has sometimes mixed with other water… you would not want to hear these details. We are very concerned about the health hazards, particularly for senior citizens and children. We face the same issues that Ms. Sakuntala Narasimhan is facing. It seems indeed a tragic comedy (if there is something like this) that on the one hand citizens are urged to take precautions against the spread of chikungunya and on the other hand those that talk of this are not following what they preach, or are adding to this problem. I was inspired to respond on this forum, by Ms. Narasimhan and her query as to why more of us are not asking questions.

    Another big worry for those who use this road and those who live on it is that the ring road has huge pits dug up without any barricades. There is significant traffic on this road now and it is a danger zone. Particularly in the late evenings and nights, when there is no power and no street lights. As one neighbor said, this is like an open invitation to walk into these pits. Well, we have lived with this, for over a year now. We were initially given to understand the work would be completed in months. The first year anniversary is gone long ago, maybe these problems will continue through another few anniversaries? Who knows? As another neighbor put this, never a dull moment for us!

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