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  • Poisonous plants in gardens and homes

    Many of us have small gardens or even potted plants at home, to add a touch of greenery and, as we hope, to purify the city air.  Houseplants play several beneficial roles in our home …»
  • Guidelines to composting in homes and in BBMP wards

    RJ Priyanka interacts with Vasanthi of Hasirudala on the programme 'Trash Talk'. »»
  • The Poison-eating Moth

    I saw this beautiful moth on the staircase of my apartment building,  day before yesterday…. I called it the military camouflage moth, but the correct name for this is the Oleander Hawk Moth, in the Sphinx …»

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  • A day in the life of a garbage collector

    No one wishes to immerse themselves in filth, but someone ends up doing it. Despite the almost inhuman conditions and the lack of dignity, garbage collectors continue to do that job, due to financial compulsions. …»
  • Price cap on movies is a bad move. Here’s why!

    For an offbeat indie movie, multiplexes would charge a lower price, while for a blockbuster, they would charge a higher price. Price cap changes the equation: to maximize profits, they would have to sell maximum …»