Bengaluru This week – Newsletter





People and Interviews

  • Bellandur student wins international science contest

    Vikhyath Mondreti, a class 10 student from Greenwood High International School Bangalore, was part of the winning team in an innovation challenge conducted by the New York Academy of Sciences as part of their Junior …»
  • My Dress is My Identity

    Kong Tailin Lyngdoh, a Khasi lady from Meghalaya, was asked to leave a golf club in Delhi for wearing her traditional dress. She was told that she looked like a Nepali and that her dress …»
  • From architecture to wildlife, Peeyush Sekhsaria’s journey

    In this edition of CTRL Z, listen to Peeyush Sekhsaria. The artist blends his interests and training in architecture, wildlife conservation, environment, photography and drawing into a beautiful body of work that he says has …»

Art and Leisure

  • A potter finds herself

    Cynthia dabbles mainly in stoneware pottery and has explored many forms, from accessories, decorative pieces to functional pottery. Over two decades, she has been learning and discovering more about the medium and herself too. In …»
  • A community garden flourishes in this IT campus

    Wipro's new initiative engages employees in growing vegetables in their corporate campus. »»

Water, Roads and Power

Children & Schooling

  • CUBs go spot-fixing in Bengaluru

    On the morning of Sunday, July 16th, 10 of us, a group of teenagers, worked for almost four hours, scraping bills, removing garbage, and repainting electrical boxes near Marathahalli Bridge, Bengaluru. We started our work …»
  • Feeding 1.6 million children every day

    In this episode of Active Bangalore, RJ Beula talks to Sridhar Venkat, CEO of Akshaya Patra Foundation, while RJ Padma Priya interacts with some of the children who enjoy the mid-day meals provided by the …»
  • Once upon a time…

    This programme features young participants of Radio Active’s annual story-telling competition held in schools and NGOs across the city. Their stories highlight important aspects like child rights; Children also recount fables and regional classics that …»


Business & Economy

  • A day in the life of a garbage collector

    No one wishes to immerse themselves in filth, but someone ends up doing it. Despite the almost inhuman conditions and the lack of dignity, garbage collectors continue to do that job, due to financial compulsions. …»
  • Price cap on movies is a bad move. Here’s why!

    For an offbeat indie movie, multiplexes would charge a lower price, while for a blockbuster, they would charge a higher price. Price cap changes the equation: to maximize profits, they would have to sell maximum …»